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What To Look For In A Wireless Gaming Mouse

Just as gaming technology has advanced over the past few years, so has the hardware associated. Your gaming experience can be improved with hardware such as a wireless gaming mouse and mouse pad. Reduced latency and improved reliability in wireless technology, means you can use a wireless mouse with confidence when gaming. Computer Alliance has the best range of wireless gaming hardware and mouse pads, available both in-store and online.

Before purchasing a gaming mouse or mouse pad, you should consider a few important factors.

  1. Gaming Style: Multi-player and real-time strategy games are better suited to a mouse with multiple buttons that you can customise for set functions. FPS (frames per second) games with rapid change require a mouse with accuracy and quick tracking ability.
  2. Weight: The weight of your mouse matters. For FPS games a heavy mouse can cause irritation in the user. Too light and it can cause errors in play.
  3. Grip Style: Fingertip, claw, or palm grip styles are most commonly preferred by gamers. Your preferred grip will often tie in with your weight preference in a mouse also. The right grip and weight help avoid discomfort in your hand.
  4. DPI/CPI: Dots per inch (DPI) and Counts per inch (CPI) are important in determining how sensitive your mouse needs to be.
  5. Type Of Sensor: An optical sensor performs petter than laser for most gamers. Laser can lag. Ensuring you have a clean, quality mouse pad is also important to avoid lag.

Why Choose Us?

Computer Alliance has experienced and tech-savvy staff. We are committed to providing and sourcing the best range of gaming hardware for your needs.

Come see us in-store or online today to find your ideal gaming mouse and mouse pad. Can’t see what you need? Call us on 07 3421 3200 and we will happily source it for you.

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