Guide to Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Eaton_1500VA_smallThe UPS is a misunderstood beast, so we have written this guide to clear up misconceptions and provide information to help you work out if you need one.

At its core, a UPS is a battery that sits between the mains power supply and your equipment.  When the power drops out, the battery is there to keep your gear running long enough to save your work and shut it down normally. Read more

How to Choose Surge Protection

Lightning2Every year, as Christmas approaches, we see an influx of PCs, modems, and other equipment killed by power surges.  It is that time of year again, so to head off some of the issues, I thought a timely reminder in order.

When a burst of energy is dumped into the grid, a surge results and the voltage at your power point will jump up above the normal 240V.  When the voltage moves above the level that your equipment is designed to handle, damage results.  Read more

How to save your wallet (and the world) by reducing electricity use

Shut_it_offNot everyone accepts that man made changes to our environment is a direct cause of global warming.  I blame our education system.

Fortunately, we do tend to agree that paying less in electricity bills is a good thing and for the most part leaving our wallets a little heavier also results in less environmental damage.

Lets consider how our use of computing systems can save us a few dollars, and perhaps also reduce the chance of our grandkids surfing lessons being relocated to Ayres Rock. Read more