Ryzen 7 CPU – Your Best Option?

AMD have released their most competitive CPU design in 15 years; eight core monsters than can stand toe to toe with Intels best chips — but should you buy one?  The answer is maybe.

This article will help you make a purchasing decision based on public data.  I will explain where AMDs new design will shine through as well as its limits and how the Ryzen 7 compares with Intel processors.
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Protect your Business and Family with OpenDNS

opendns_logoOpenDNS offers a suite of Internet filtering and security features targeted at levels from the home environment to corporates.  The service works by replacing the Internet’s standard address book system (DNS) with a custom service which then allows you to limit, track, and manage access to the Internet and to help protect your staff and family from malware, phishing, and inappropriate content.  Read more

USB goes Full Circle with USB-C

USB-CUniversal Serial Bus (USB) was developed in the late 90s to replace a mess of slow PC connections with a high speed, one size fits all plug and data transfer protocol.  All newish devices had the plug, it was good, and there was no real decision or gotchas to look out for when buying new devices.

A decade or two later, things are again a mess.  Incremental changes to USB have offered progressive technical improvements, but at the cost of modified plugs and sometimes questionable backwards compatibility.  Read more

MSI Dominator GT72 6th Gen Notebook Review

MSI GT72 DominatorMSI are out of the gate with their Sixth Generation gaming notebooks, the GT72 Gen 6 Dominator range.  This review examines the features and performance of the new GT72 and compares against a premium gaming notebook from ASUS.

MSI built their reputation as a manufacturer of system components, such as mainboards and video cards.  In recent years they have expanded with a range of consumer focused products, and have found particular success with their gaming notebooks, consistently winning design and innovation awards over the past few years.  Read more

Microsoft Rolls Out Office 2016

MS Office 2016

Microsoft released the 17th major version of Office today, Office 2016.  It is 25 years since Office came from nowhere to dominate against the incomparable Wordperfect 5.1 and Lotus 1-2-3.  Office adoption was rapid and near universal, exploding alongside Windows and becoming so strongly associated with Windows that many believed they were part of the same product.

Over those 25 years, each new version of office included major improvements and new features.  Each release was a big deal, though on average less so as Office matured.  Office 2016 again offers significant improvements over 2013, though with evolutionary improvements rather than a radical overhaul.
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Exploring Windows 10

I am pleased to report Windows 10 feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!

Windows10_boxedCustomers tell us that Windows 10 feels natural and intuitive on desktops, notebooks, and tablets.  Many new features and updates have been mentioned as “Quality of Life” improvements, making it easier to get things done and reducing frustration.  Ideas implemented in Windows 8 that didn’t work have been transformed or reverted.  The core stability, speed, and compatibility of the operating system is exceptional.  Given the relatively few issues reported, and substantial improvements, Windows 10 is the most compelling OS upgrade since XP. Read more