Power supply unit for PC

Do I Need A New PSU?

A power supply unit or PSU is an internal hardware component found in all PC’s. Contrary to how it may sound, a PSU does not supply power to your computer, but rather converts it. More specifically, a PSU takes AC current and turns it into DC, it also regulates the voltage to make it safe for your hardware.

A PSU is a necessary component of any IT system. Without it, your tech device just wouldn’t work. The good news is that systems usually come with a PSU so it isn’t something you necessarily need to know much about.

Should you be wanting to custom build your own PC, you will need to spend some time choosing the right PSU for your system.

How Do I Choose The Right PSU For My Computer?

The key watch points for choosing the right PSU for your computer are:

  1. Ensure the size is compatible with your server case and motherboard.
  2. Choose a PSU that has ample wattage to run your current system. It also pays to consider a larger wattage in case you plan to expand your system in future.
  3. Focusing on energy efficiency can help you reduce your power costs. Look for a PSU that offers an 80 Plus Platinum rating.

Speak To The Experts

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