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Computer monitors have advanced incredibly over the past decade, gone are the large, clunky monitors. In their place sleek, high definition monitors, offering touch screens, curved screens, wireless connectivity and more. How do you know which monitor is best suited to your needs, or which one to choose? The experts at Computer Alliance can support you to select the ideal computer monitor for your situation.

Types Of Monitors

Everyday – If you do not spend much time on your computer and just require something to surf the web, shop online, pay bills etc then a basic monitor is your best bet. Avoid large, expensive models focused on high definition resolution and added features like these will likely go unused.

Professional – If you work for yourself or work from home, choosing a monitor with advanced features can help you get the most out of your time in front of the screen. Look for a monitor with the highest resolution possible to make things easier on your eyes, an ‘eco’ mode is also ideal for extended use. Ensure it is height adjustable so you can make your workspace as ergonomic as possible too.

Gaming & Multimedia – Packed with features and a price tag to match, gaming monitors offer the highest resolutions and speeds. The best gaming monitors will offer multiple HD ports for easy connectivity to consoles, as well as 3D viewing and rapid response time to avoid lag.

Why Choose Us?

At Computer Alliance we are passionate about helping you purchase the perfect computer equipment – including monitors. With over 20 years of experience and the most comprehensive range in Australia, we are sure to have what you need. Our comprehensive warranties and tech support mean you can purchase with confidence.

If you’re after a new monitor and don’t know where to begin, call Computer Alliance today on 07 3421 3200

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